Friday, February 26, 2010

Fatima and her M-16

What's happening, Metuselahs?

One of the clans I do like most are the Assamites, that are one of the... em no, the most nerfed clan in V:TES, as all of you must know. But we like them :D

After many attempts with Fatima, then with Janni, fighting in a meta where a game with at least 1 metuselah playing ANI is very common, we, the Children of Haquim, won't give up. Must get the Groundfightings and the Diversions, atm are proxys xd but I have the gut feeling that this is going to work. With a PS in later posts, I'll tell you my results heheh

Deck Name: Fatima Multirush
Created By: Ishvalan

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 32, Avg: 5,16)
4 Anarch Convert none 1 Caitiff
4 Fatima al-Faqadi aus CEL for OBF QUI8 Assamite
2 Parnassus aus CEL QUI tha7 Assamite
2 Jalal Sayad CEL pot QUI 6 Assamite

Library: (90 cards)
Master (16 cards)
1 Dreams of the Sphinx
2 Fame
2 Fortitude
1 Monster
1 Tension in the Ranks
3 Vessel
4 Villein
1 Yoruba Shrine
1 Carver`s Meat Packing and Storage

Action (11 cards)
2 Ambush
3 Bum`s Rush
4 Clandestine Contract
2 Harass

Action Modifier (13 cards)
4 Forced March
6 Freak Drive
3 Smoke and Mirrors

Combat (34 cards)
7 Diversion
4 Groundfighting
7 Psyche!
4 Selective Silence
2 Taste of Death
7 Taste of Vitae
3 Sideslip

Equipment (10 cards)
7 Assault Rifle
1 Blade of Enoch
1 Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers
1 Ivory Bow

Event (1 cards)
1 Dragonbound

Combo (5 cards)
3 Steely Tenacity
2 Resist Earth`s Grasp

Sharp shoot, Metuselahs

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fails to the Blood, thanks WW

After those news in WW, I sent an email to the V:TES Support (at least they answer *relief..*)
So, the reply I got was:


There are no plans to do a reprint at this time.


Oscar J Garza III

Organized Play Coordinator

CCP|White Wolf

Aww great.... -.-"
The question was about a possible reprint of the Starter Decks of the Heirs to the Blood set, and all we got is bad news. Posted it on the forum and read that even some stores didn't receive a single box of the decks!

And they tell us on the official site to grab the boosters.... but we can't get what was on the starters by opening boosters!

I hope they could react to this, really. It won't be unbalancing the game, it will just keep the community happy, and alive. I may be missing something, something only the WW bosses know, but I don't understand that move they made. We all, I mean, most of the players have more than one and more than two decks.
More wishes, I want all the complains that they are must be receiving at the moment should be heard.

Bleed hard (to your prey heh)

New V:TES Blog

What's happening, Metuselahs?

This is going to be the first step of Ishvalan's V:TES Blog, and I hope that you could find some interesting ideas, news, decks or plain entertainment on my entries. Just a newbie Spanish v:tes player on the internet ;)

And what are my objectives with this blog? (obviusly stealing some part of your lifespam ehheh *balls*)

- Writing down my deck ideas and projects (well, and mindfuck decks...)

- Posting the news I gather from White Wolf V:TES official page and general news of the game in Spain.

- Vampire/VTES related stuff.

- Everything I find interesting enough to be posted in here.

Bleed hard, comrades...