Sunday, July 25, 2010

About: Groaning Corpse

What's happening, Metuselahs?

I wanted to have a look at this card, because at the moment, I think that combat with the Samedi is really inviable.

First of all, a copy-paste of the card text:

Groaning Corpse
Type: Combat
Requires: Thanatosis
Cost: X blood
Only usable before range is determined.
[thn] X is the number of Groaning Corpses already played this combat. The opposing minion takes 1 damage each round of combat during strike resolution if the range is close.
[THN] As above, but for 2 damage. A vampire may play only one Groaning Corpse at superior each combat.

Rarity: HttB:C

Should we call them the Carrion Crows of Thanatosis? The answer is definitely NO. (duh)
First of all we must be in close range (so forget about Cold Aura + Groaning Corpse + any ranged weapon), so we must think about how are we going to defend ourselves to being beaten to a Samedi pulp. At this point, there are some combos with this card to make it more playable:

- Endure and let the Corpses do the job: In other words, Superior Mettle and Groaning Corpse, with Taste of Vitae to recover blood spent, also using Trap or Mob Connections in order to play more combat rounds until you send to torpor the opposing vampire (if you endure the blood cost..)

- Can't touch this!: during strike resolution, using Dust to Dust plus the Roaning Corpses, you can dodge and press to continue the punishment to the other minion. The worst part of this combo is the fact Dust to Dust is Rare and not so easy to find, at least is $ cheap (like ~3$)

- Adding Rigor Mortis: at thn we get a press and the opposing minion can't use additional strikes, but the best comes at THN, when you can also cancel a maneuver of the opposing minion, but only once each round. Thanks for pointing it out, kevin :)

So, Metuselahs, have you tried them? Are those corpses your new pets? Wanna make Baroque or Josette the Ultimate Rusher? ;)
As for me, I like the card, and I'll try to get some of them to try the first strategy, until I get some Dust to Dust, to make a fun deck that can be easily taken back to my Reanimated Corpse deck I like to play.

In the mortuary, Metuselahs!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer.... finally?

What's happening, Metuselahs?

Until I go on a journey this summer, the plan for V:TES seems quite thanatosed (uh? nvm..) bcs I haven't received any email from any upcoming tournament here and the other playgroup afaik in Gijón meet on saturdays, which is the only day I can't save for this CCG...

Nothing more to say, my Shattering Crescendo count is at 9 copies and must get at least the double of them to make a S.C. fun deck..

Don't remember not to have sunbaths, Metuselahs!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are surrounded by silence

What's happening, Metuselahs?

The main issue is that *nothing* is really happening. It's getting really suspicious that we haven't got any notice about a possible next set in V:TES.

First, in the next-12-month-schedule of White Wolf, this CCG isn't listed anywhere!

Link to the Schedule.

And then, we may have our answer in the GenCon or in the Grand Masquerade of September.

Link to the post of Eddy Fate @RPGnet

You know? Anyone of us wants this game to die...

Thinking maybe too much, Metuselahs

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Looking forward to....

Some kind of inspiration....

What's happening, Metuselahs?

At the moment, with no tournaments in sight and exams in less than 2 weeks, sometimes I start thinking about the Daughters of Cacophony deck I've been wanting to do lately.

Cards that I want in that deck?

- Fanfare for Elysium (atm I just own 2, maybe just enough)
- Benefit Performance
- Lily Prelude
***hell, I want to try those..***
- I plan to add Shattering Crescendos

But, the crypt?

To be honest, I wanted to try something with Scout "Hottie" Youngwood, but the new crypt has less members than the others, and maybe Yseult + Crypt 4 (more with pre/PRE) will perform better.

What do you think, Metuselahs? Do you have any DoC deck with the new political action cards, or a shattering crescendo+vote DoC deck? I wanted to have a point to start with.

On the dark of the crypt, Metuselahs!