Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Game Report 30/8/2010

What's happening, Metuselahs?

In the opening of our dear game store, we gathered 4 players to play a game until the store had to close, and I could test my Lasombra with Nocturns, even thought I forgot to change the Dreams of the Sphynx and the Pentex from another deck to the Lasombra I wanted to play today.

Me (Lasombra Nocturn) -> Iderak (strange Ventrue with obf and flamethrowers) -> Victor (Theo+Brujahs rush) -> Pablo (my Dmitra+Germaine multirush deck)

Game started a bit slow for me, but I got Conrad Adoula and started to gain momentum, governing at superior until I got 3 minions, and I had to start the bleeding machine, because the rush decks crosstabled me as expected.

I couldn't protect my vampires at all, for the 10 Nocturns I carry in a 75 card deck, I only managed to draw one!!! So my vamps ended in mordor and couldn't negotiate anything.
One thing I forgot and then lamented is that if you rescue a vampire in mordor with other vampire, it is untapped, so he can hunt, and I had a Festivo Dello Estinto in game and another vamp alive to rescue the poor Ermenegildo The Rake.

For me, zero VP's, but this bleed deck is really fast, my prey was left with 2 pool and he recovered like 6 more, but finally he was overrun by the Brujah, even though I was being rushed by my predator and my meta predator!. In the end, after ousting the Ventrue, rush vs rush, Brujah Dmitra win and get all VP's and GW.
I've played other times that deck and it's as reliable as always =) you know, Dmitra Ilyanova + Erotic Might = T3H LULZ

See you later, Metuselahs!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mazinger Oviedo lives again!

What's happening, Metuselahs?

I'll tell you what's happening: our dear local game store, which was closed for more than a year, is going to be opening this Monday at 18:00, if you live in Asturias it's a good chance to peek and enjoy the new store, which of course will sell V:TES and run tournaments.

Well, I just can't wait to play V:TES again with the game group and people that introduced me to this card-drug.

Best wishes from Force of Personality! I'll try to be there for the opening!

Str. Avda. de Galicia, 42
Oviedo (Asturias)

I'll keep the information up-to-date with the webpage or forum I suppose we will have again ;)

See you later, Metuselahs!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Results of the Poll

What's happening, Metuselahs?

This are the results of the last poll in the blog:

Does the Sabbat need better cards?

No, it's balanced with the Camarilla 4 (17%)
Of course! Atm C>S 17 (73%)
I think Sabbat cards are better 2 (8%)

After 23 votes, most of us think that we need a new Sabbat set, that could bring balance, because after Keepers of Tradition, the difference gets larger.

See you later, Metuselahs!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Classics: Assamite Vote

What's happening, Metuselahs?

This powerful deck focuses on breeding and bloating like hell, and ousting via bleeds, Kine/Conservative Agitation or Reckless Agitation if you take the anarch way.

The best defense against bleeding is bloating enough, and this will be done with enough breeding with Web of Knives Recruit + The Embrace, and then Conservative Agitation.

Everything is buildt around Amaravati, thanks to his superb special that will increase the chances to pass our referendums.

>> Tournament Winning Decks:

- Assamite and Amaravati - by Marco Vassallo - February 2008 a typical Amaravati deck, with some blood support with Procurers.
- Amaravati & Co. - by Imanol López - June 2007 this time with more minions that share DOM with Amaravati.
- The Death Star - by Matt Morgan - October 2008 assamite breed+vote with anarch tech, maybe the most effective variation.

>> Mainstays of the Deck:

- Amaravati: the pillar, the big guy (well most of the crypt is low except this guy) he will be surrounded by assamites, recruits and embraces that will receive an additional vote during a political action that you will need to pass like ConBoon or the Reckless Agitation that may give you the VP.

- The Embrace: main way to get more assamites in play, which will mean more votes, more minions to bleed... and easier victim to cards like Ancilla Empowerment or Anarchist Uprising.

- Web of Knives Recruit: the "embrace of the assamites", quite easier to get your hand on some copies, the worst part is the turns you have to wait until you finally get the recruit.

- Alamut: even though some of the Assamites have Auspex, generally we don't bounce, so this card is golden either to defend ourselves in other decks from votes, or to getting some more if Amaravati is dry. Must-have.

North American Continental Championship Day One
Montreal, Canada
October 25th, 2008
57 players
3R + F

Matt Morgan's Tournament Winning Deck with 3 VPs in the finals
(2GW 10.5 VPs going into the finals)

The Death Star

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 8 average: 3.5
4x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:0
1x Amaravati 8 DOM OBF QUI ani chi Assamite:4
1x Hafsa, The Watcher 6 OBF QUI aus cel Assamite:5
1x Vardar Vardarian 6 OBF QUI cel pre Assamite:4
1x Janni 5 cel for obf qui Assamite:4
1x Layla bint-Nadr 5 CEL OBF qui Assamite:4
1x Michael diCarlo 5 CEL obf qui Assamite:4
1x Alu 2 obf Assamite:5
1x Basir 1 qui Assamite:4

Library [75 cards]
Action [17]
4x Embrace, The
1x Fee Stake: Boston
1x Fee Stake: Corte
1x Fee Stake: Los Angeles
1x Fee Stake: New York
1x Fee Stake: Perth
1x Fee Stake: Seattle
1x Khabar: Glory
2x Undue Influence
5x Web of Knives Recruit

Action Modifier [23]
3x Cloak the Gathering
6x CrimethInc.
2x Cryptic Rider
1x Domain of Evernight
3x Faceless Night
3x Lost in Crowds
3x Spying Mission
2x Veil the Legions

Action Modifier/Combat [3]
3x Swallowed by the Night

Master [14]
3x Alamut
1x Archon Investigation
1x Barrens, The
1x Black Throne, The
2x Blood Doll
1x Club Illusion
1x Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Seattle Committee
1x Twilight Camp
1x Yoruba Shrine

Political Action [17]
1x Anarch Salon
5x Consanguineous Boon
1x Exclusion Principle
2x Firebrand
4x Kine Resources Contested
1x Patsy
3x Revolutionary Council

Hope you had a good time, Metuselahs!