Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game Report 28/01

What's happening, Metuselahs?

It was a Fail what had happened! So we gathered 3 friends and went to the local game store to play a Jyhad (wooh, months since my last game *live*!) and I decided to give a try to my Imbued deck and my DoC Baroness deck. So one game each deck, and I'll make a short report.

1) First Game (Imbued deck)

me(Imbued) -> 2nd tradicion toreador princes guns -> ravnos wall-ish -> stanislava bleed+events -> Qwawinnya BlehBleh deck

The game was going pretty good, even though I made a huge mistake (there was a 1 cap pander with bd on my prey hunting each turn xD and didn't even block him lol) and the fact I only influenced Jennie, the Cop and another imbued, no Travis here, zing...
My predator didn't have a chance, because after visiting me, I targeted at Q's vitals and he regretted it a bit >.< Jennie's special made my Cop to live to fight another day. Then it was matter of time to get ousted by Stanislava.

The Gangrel played a Break the Code. OMGOSH first time I see it in game and I play HUMANS, is this luck or I just made something reeeally evil on my other life???
I couldn't block his stealthy actions and only deflected one of his bleeds... and died xd

2) Second Game (DoC Baroness)

me -> tremere blocker -> !nosferatu ANI POT rush -> New Carthage princes -> Ravnos wall-ish -> magaji no secrets + vote

As I first saw the magaji and the princes, I knew it was going to be a hard game. I got Yseult, Delilah and later Gael Pilet, made them anarchs and only got one Fee Stake.
I learnt and important lesson this day: only play Fee Stakes if you have at least 2 in hand, to have enough votes to defend it, or the Conductor/Bastille Opera House.
So I bloated, table talked a bit to make my Benefit's pass, and even one of the Lily passed, leaving my prey really soft with 4 pool, but I attracted the attention of the !nosf and he tried to rush me. That card... Fanfare for Elysium and the Member of Entourage are pure gold! they saved me a turn from him, then I made a pact so that my girls wouldn't get touched by those filthy and ugly thingies....

Things got worse as the magaji had in general no pressure by the Ravnos, and and he got the votelock after all the Brujah princes were having fun in Mordor. I died and I couldn't try the Aura of Invincibility, because I didn't draw any of my 2 copies I carried on the deck.

I promise to carry again the DoC, with the deck improved, packing some Cryptic Riders also, this girls are something!

Best of all, I had fun playing this time, both games were pretty active, people playing relaxed yet competitive and I've learnt a lot after this games and all my mistakes. I missed a lot to play Jyhad!

Finally about my decks, the imbued was interesting to play, if only that Break the Code wouldn't appear... and I wish I had an Unmasking, in a typical imbued deck is a must have.
The DoC deck was just awesome to play, I had plenty of fun with it, lots of table talk, and I nearly scored a VP in my situation, even though I made those huge mistakes!

We are now just planning the next Jyhad afternoon :D

I hope you liked the report, see you later, Metuselahs!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aura of Invincibility

What's happening, Metuselahs?

This week, talking with a local vtes player, he told me to use the card "Aura of Invincibility" in my Daughters of Cacophony Baron deck, and I think I will test this deck on friday.

Aura of Invincibility
Type: Action Modifier
Cost: 1 blood
Only usable during a referendum, before any votes are cast.
If this referendum passes, put this card on the acting vampire and put a counter on this card. This vampire gets an additional vote for each counter on this card in referendums he or she calls. Add a counter to this card when a referendum called by this vampire passes. If a referendum called by this vampire fails, burn this card and send this vampire to torpor. A vampire can have only one Aura of Invincibility.
Why do I started liking this card?

My first 3 copies of AoI came from my first Ventrue (KoT) deck, and my first thought was "holy sh**, this is pure junk..." and I haven't use it even once since then.

This week, as I started before, I was told that it could be a good help in voting with the deck, because in the turn the DoC act, they can manage to have a good votelock (in this case, with also Baron tech, more votes, but in my deck at least no Embraces :p) thanks to cards like Bastille Opera House, Conductor, Madrigal and even Firebrand.

There is no pleasure without any sort of risk, and the risk of getting into torpor if the referendum fails isn't too bad, just have to use my daughter with the aura first, to gain the most votes of the Conductor, and keep on rollin'...

Thanks to BeAst to answer my questions here, if someone would ask himself the same ones:

Q1 -- if I use Aura of Invincibility and my vampire with it is blocked (referendum doesn't happen), does she go to torpor?
Q2 --
if I suffer a "delaying tactics" and the vamp casting votes has Aura of Invincibility, does she go to torpor?
Answer: No torpor, in first case, there is no referendum to fail, and in the second one the referendum is cancelled, so it never failed.

Become invincibles, Metuselahs!

PS: if I write another entry tomorrow spitting acid on the AoI, it means every time I tried to use it, my poor Daughter went into mordor...