Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time is an Illusion, Politics is a Sin, I like that deck!

What's happening, Metuselahs?

This is another chapter of the decks I really liked that much to make an entry for them in the blog. And I will try to build this one with my own cards (or something close to this tbh).

Very straight forward, relies on obfuscate to make the actions successfull and the votes via action modifiers (in the crypt only Nehemiah has votes). High number of revelations of desire in there, it makes me think... only with venenation you put corruption counters, isn't it? Or the action modifier is just to bleed more and if they have those counters, the better?

Pool gain with... voter captivation, khobar towers and.. diversity! A good choice, but the pool gain potential is 2-3 and you need to have the votes. ¿Enough?

Link to the deck

I love the presence of a good number of serpentis cards, never tried that discipline yet.

¿Would you guys include, par example, some Neferu to get some extra votes?

Even though I like that deck, I *need* to include like 2x Clotho's Gift, and more Temporis stuff in here, if I get to play that kind of deck, I'll make a report =)

See you later, Metuselahs

PS: I can't post the decklist without ruining the entire post!! Sorry for not posting it!!


  1. Counters on Temptation are not corruption counters, so Revelation of Desire doesn't add bleed any way. I think that player wasn't very honest...

    I like Diversity, I thought about it, but you are going to have more Followers of Set than mixed clans (allthough Abominations, Setites and True Brujahs are possible. Remember that Caitiff from Mukhtar Bey is not a clan).

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